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Jennifer's StoryJennifer explains how much the 'All About Me' booklet has helped her. “Now, that I’m approaching 40 and with declining health, I found Strathcarron’s All About Me booklet really useful. Over the years the only thing I’ve ever been sure of is that I wanted to be an organ donor, beyond that I hadn’t thought about anything else."

Isobel's Story Isobel Watson's mother died in 2015, cared for by Strathcarron Hospice@Home support teams.

Charlotte's storyWhat a week Charlotte has had at Strathcarron Hospice. She was Married on the Sunday and chatting with HRH The Princess Royal on the Wednesday!

Bernadette's StoryTo mark Grief Awareness Week, Bernadette has kindly agreed to share her story. Bernadette’s husband Johnston died in Strathcarron Hospice in May, earlier this year.

Donald and Marie's StoryMany people in their final days of life prefer to be at home with those who are important to them, if at all possible. Our service aims to provide practical and emotional support at this crucial time in people's lives, to enable them to stay at home, right to the end.

Rod's Story: Living with Grief"Nobody prepares you for it (grief), nobody trains you for it. I felt in a daze. You’re going through the motions".

Antonia's Lipodema StoryJune is National Lipoedema Month, so a good opportunity to raise awareness of this chronic condition. Antonia is a Lipoedema patient here at Strathcarron; keen to raise awareness of the condition, she has kindly agreed to share her story.

Jill's Story    Jill's husband Richard, aged 60 years was diagnosed with Cancer of the liver just under a year before he died.

Facebook Stories

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Virtual Reality Therapy -Creating a Virtual environment for patients