COVID-19 Update

During the current crisis, complementary therapy treatments are being offered to patients within our in-patient unit.

The team is still keen to invite general enquiries from professionals and potential volunteers about complementary therapies. Unfortunately they are currently unable to take enquiries relating to visits for community patients.

For further information, please call 01324 826222.

When living day to day with a life limiting or terminal illness many people and their loved ones report feelings of anxiety, stress and tension. This is often described as a ‘constant chatter in their head which is difficult to control’. These feelings can have a negative effect on other symptoms e.g. worsen pain or breathlessness;   make sleeping difficult; find it hard to concentrate.

Alongside traditional and clinical treatments, we have a team of experienced complementary therapists who can offer therapies which have been shown to relax both the body and the mind. 

These therapies include gentle massage; holistic aromatherapy; light reflexology and relaxation techniques, such as guided imagery. All of the therapies are adapted to your individual needs and often a combination of therapies are used to increase the effect.  

People who have experienced these therapies at Strathcarron report feelings of calmness, peace and comfort. They also find it helps them with other symptoms and they enjoy the experience of having quiet ‘time out’.

Our therapists will help you learn some simple relaxation techniques to use yourself. They can also teach your family carers simple massage techniques which they can use when caring for someone at home or in the inpatient unit.

Please download our Mindfulness Leaflet for useful hints and tips: strathcarronmindfulnessleaflet.pdf