Richard Borthwick, 60 years was diagnosed with Cancer of the liver just under a year before he died.

His wife Jill tells their story for Hospice Care Week.

“Richard was in Strathcarron for 10 days on his first visit; receiving pain management. He was happy to go to the Hospice, to meet the staff and get to know the place, just in case he needed to go back in again at end of life. The nurses and consultants explained everything to us, we felt like we could ask any question, it was so reassuring.

He absolutely loved his time at the Hospice, and he particularly loved the food. He hadn’t really been eating much of anything, but when he came into the Hospice, the lovely kitchen staff asked what he wanted, and he said ‘Jelly and Ice Cream and a cup of tea’. He ate the lot. They just couldn’t do enough for us.

When he was in the In Patient unit, Richard just wanted to look after everyone else, asking me to bring in ice lollies and cakes for all the staff. The staff were all so helpful, nice and kind; we couldn’t believe how happy, noisy and upbeat everyone was.

I know it maybe seems silly, but I just didn’t know what to expect from a Hospice. In my mind, it certainly wasn’t lots of laughter and fun, but that’s what exactly what we experienced!

Richard did return to the Hospice and died in Strathcarron’s In Patient Unit in March this year.

My friend and I continue to visit the café as much as we can, it makes me feel closer to him; gives me comfort.

He was the Captain of his darts team, so our friends and I organised a fundraiser three months after Richard died, raising £7,145 for Strathcarron in his memory. I am now also looking at becoming a Strathcarron volunteer, as I really want to give something back to the Hospice for everything they’ve done for us". 

Thank you for sharing your story Jill.

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