Congratulations to pupils from St Modan’s High School in Stirling, who have secured an amazing £3000 for the Hospice by taking part in The Youth Philanthropy Initiative (YPI).

YPI is a secondary schools programme where students choose a local charity to research and then present a pitch in front of teaching staff and previous YPI participants. During their presentation they have to set out a case explaining the difference a £3000 grant would make to that organisation.

The winning St Modan’s team selected the Hospice as beneficiary as a number of the pupils have had relatives cared for by Strathcarron.

The grant is awarded by The Wood Foundation to the team who makes the best pitch for their charity.

The pupils and teacher Mrs Roseann Smith visited the Hospice to present the cheque and received a special certificate and medals from Fundraising Manager Jackie Johnston.

We are delighted that the pupils kindly chose the Hospice to support and gained so much from the experience of taking part.

Connor said: “We were proud as a group to see that the work we did together was rewarded at the end and will help Strathcarron and will benefit the Hospice a lot.”

Grace said: “We felt overjoyed and overwhelmed when we found out we had won. It was a good feeling that we had won this for our charity and that they would benefit because of us, and also that it is for a charity that is local to us.  It was nice to know that we had done something good for other people.”

Alna said: “It was a good experience being involved – we improved our leadership, teamworking, confidence and public speaking skills. It feels good to know that we are making a difference in our local community.”

If your school would like to find out more about taking part in the YPI initiative visit Schools & YPI at Strathcarron Hospice

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@strathcarron.hospice We were delighted to welcome pupils to the Hospice this week from St Modan’s High School who have secured us a cheque for an amazing £3000 by taking part and winning The Youth Philanthropy Initiative. Pupils were pushed out their comfort zone having to prepare and present a pitch on what difference the money would make to the Hospice and the patients and families they serve. Huge thanks to staff and pupils at the school for their support and taking the time to speak to us about their experiences. It is fantastic they gained so much from taking part. #hospice #palliativecare #strathcarronhospice #Stirling #Denny #Falkirk #health #wellbeing #fundraising #scotland #goodvibes #education #learning #teamwork #community #youthphilanthropyinitiative #theWoodFoundation #stmodanshighschool #secondaryschool #slay #achievement #winning #educationscotland ♬ original sound - Strathcarron Hospice